Pharmaceutical companies

It is advantageous for pharmaceutical companies to use digital microscopy solutions because of archiving and documenting therefore making long term follow up during licensing much easier.

Since some of the staining techniques include components that are putrefiable, so the stained sample can loss its visibility (color hue becomes brighter), it is important for a slide to remain preserved and to keep its quality during and after the evaluation.

Storaging is solved simpler, as the slide contains digital data in spite of the space- and energy-demanding cooling. Brightfield samples keep their quality longer, but Fluorescent (IHC?) reagents cannot last too long.

Opposed to routine diagnostic routine where quanitative data are important, in research, measurement and derived statistical data, and comparisons applied in series are the basis for recoding research results.


Different tools for scanning Brightfiled and Fluorescent samples:

  •  lamp
  •  filter
  •  camera
  •  software


Scanning procedure takes longer. Each of our scanners (except for Pannoramic DESK) is capable to scan both Brightfield and Fluorescent slides.

In the event of collaboration with Contact Research Organization (CRO), teleconsultation simplifies liaising and data-interchanging, mainly if locations are remote.

Application of TMA technique is advised, as samples examined within identical circumstances can be collected on the same slide.

Confocal technique widens the palette of imaging devices. To aid research, Pannoramic Confocal is the best solution.


CaseCenter is a full featured framework for clinical pathology, designed with the pathologist in mind.


QuantCenter is the framework for 3DHISTECH image analysis applications

TMA Control software

The TMA Control software is the perfect solution for TMA block design and creation.
TMA Control